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Operation and translation

My personal Scrubs episode

Sometimes I think that destiny intentionally puts me into peculiar situations just to laugh at me. But I don’t mind!

Once I was interpreting a medical conference or better to say a workshop. Everything was pretty much serious: the topic, participants and even me. But on the second day of the conference my colleague and I were asked to accompany the doctors in order to translate for them during the surgery. 

It was my first time in the surgery room ever. In five minutes my black suit transmuted into the typical blue clothing, face mask and clogs. And here we go, I had to look at the screen to explain what was going on during the surgery. No, I didn’t faint though there was no guarantee. We had to stay there for at least 2 hours and when we were gone the surgery wasn't finished yet!

After this extraordinary experience I’m looking forward for the next one. You never know. Hopefully it will be a project for a chocolate factory.

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